Rainbowfish Ocean Technology Co., Ltd is based in Shanghai, China and is leading the research in deep sea technology and their industrialization and marketing developments.

It has always been a dream of mankind to challenge the extremes of the hadal zones and be able to explore the mysteries of the deep-sea world. Along with the Hadal Science and Technology Research Center (HAST) of Shanghai Ocean University, Rainbowfish has started its path to challenge the 11000m depths of this dream.

This adventure will consist of two phases. During the first phase, the focus will be on the research and development of the Rainbowfish11000 manned submersible and its 4800 ton mother ship, "Zhang Jian". The second phase will consist of a four-year long submersible sea trial to the full depth of the ocean. We plan to reach the depth of 11,000 meters in the Mariana Trench by 2019, which will mark the first time in human history in which a scientist, an entrepreneur, and an aquanaut down will travel down to the extreme of the hadal zones.

The cooperation between Rainbowfish and HAST has created a new development mode that connects scientist and entrepreneurs, utilizing national support and private investments while establishing an open financing platform. By building a world-class mobile laboratory, Rainbowfish and HAST are promoting the industrialization of hadal science and technology, which covers research vessel and deep-sea technology development services as well as high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedical engineering, and resource development.

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