M/V Zhang Jian

At 4800 tonnages, M/V Zhang Jian is the main supporting vessel or so-called "mothership" of Rainbowfish's all depth submersible. It is a key component on the Mobile Hadal Science Laboratory as a multi-purpose scientific research vessel which will provide the platform for deep-sea investigation and operation in different marine situations.

Full Ocean Depth ARV

As a unmanned model all depth submersible, ARV is not only a platform to test major technologies and parameters of HOV but also a pathfinder for HOV during practical missions. It is especially capable on general maritime investigation on wide waters.

Full Ocean Depth Landers

After the general parameters of certain marine areas have been investigated, the Landers, equipped with a multitude of deep-sea apparatuses, will finish various jobs such as recording and catching fish and microorganisms, taking samples of hadal settings, and scanning the geographical conditions.


As the main body and most complicated part of the Mobile Hadal Science Laboratory, Rainbowfish's HOV will be equipped with the largest hadal manned submarine cabin which can carry three individuals at the same time. The submersible is expected to be the first three-manned all depth submersible model.

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